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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Need a Pick-Me-Up? Here's ours!


Billie and I have not been alone on our trips to Kansas Co-ops.  When we know that we will be staying with family we add a researcher who has a nose for sniffing out stuff.   Ivan Hall is a corgi/beagle mix that was rescued from a bad situation by Corgi Connection of Kansas and subsequently adopted by my husband and I.  Since the day of adoption (November 10, 2010) I have found that our four legged child loves car rides and I have tried to incorporate that love by bringing him along on some of the trips.  While Billie and I are involved in interviews, going through dusty boxes and making phone calls, Ivan is left at the residences that were staying at and is in charge of squirrel and rabbit patrol and cat surveillance.  When in the truck he watches out for ice cream shops; every researcher needs ice cream.

Ivan also plays the role of chief comforter when the day's research has not gone well, and trust me there have been a few of those.  For me, and I will say for Billie as well, Ivan is a reminder that even if things don't go well on one day you keep your head up, keep smiling and charge on.

--Go State!

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