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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Here we are, at the End.

"Study hard, okay?"--Keith Chesney

Well everyone.  I hate to say, but we have reached the end of summer.  I know, I'm pretty bummed out myself.  Becky and I have made it back to Kansas State University, and I'm currently writing from my little cubicle in Leasure Hall.  As we prepare to start putting our summer research together, I felt it important to give some shout-outs to the awesome people out there who have been the foundation of this project.

First, I would like to thank all of the co-op general managers, presidents, and communication departments for all of their hard work.  They went through files and photos for us, and sat through interviews with Rebecca and I.  You all are CHAMPS!  We hope others will see just how important you all are to, not only ag producers, but to the world.  Thank you!

Second,  I would personally like to thank Anita Davis and Teresa Reimer for allowing me to stay at their houses.  You both are amazingly gracious individuals, and your families are very hospitable.  I'm glad to know both of you.  Thank You!

Third, I would like to thank Dr. M.J. Morgan for being our guiding light, mentor and friend.  Dr. Morgan could make us laugh when we had rough days, and gave us advice when we were stuck in a rut.  We really appreciate your support.  Thank you!

Fourth,  Billie would like to thank Rebecca for being not only an awesome friend and partner, but like a big sister this summer.  This project would not have been the same without you!  Thanks, Becks!

Last, I would like to thank my parents, Keith and Patty Chesney.  They provided a "home base" for Becky and I, fed us, and even helped us with our research.  Having parents who farm was probably the biggest boost!  Dr. Morgan has asked me to extend her thanks to you as well, Mom and Dad.  It's wonderful to have such supportive parents who not only took care of me, but Becky and Ivan-dog, too.  I love you both!  Thank you!

I would also like to thank our readers for following us all summer.  Hope you enjoyed our trips, and will check out our work online when we have completed it!  If you have any questions for Rebecca or I, feel free to email us at

With that, I would like to wish everyone a fantastic semester!  Good luck with school, and "study hard, okay?'  

--Go State!

Billie Chesney
Rebecca Hall

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